Benjy & Emmeline || Tragic in the Fallout


Emmeline was tired, so tired but sleep avaded her at the moment. She laid on the couch, petting Lavender. “I missed you, you fluffy cat, I missed having someone to talk to. I hope you aren’t too upset with me.” She turned on her small TV, a gift from her grandfather, and let the noise play in the background of her thoughts.

She missed England, she missed her friends. While away she wasn’t permitted to speak with them, she didn’t get to say goodbye, she just picked up and left. Her first real assignment and surprisingly it went well. First it was just a bunch of false leads but one of those false leads turned into something else and that’s when things got interesting. But of course they sent her back when the good stuff was happening, still too young. Too young for what? How could she be too young. In war what was considered too young. It didn’t matter anyways. 

There was a knock the door. She looked at her cat, “You expecting a hot date? Can’t be for me.” She got up and Lavender on the floor and walked to the door, cat trailing at her feet. Emmeline looked through the peep hole, hand on the bat in the umbrella holder, but when she saw the familiar face she opened the door quickly, “Benjy.” His face was tear stained and Emmeline quickly ushered him inside. As soon as he was inside, she closed the door and locked her small arms around him. Not planning to let go anytime soon.



At first, to be honest, she kind of looked like a stranger to him. Some pretty person who he was no longer close to (story of his life), just a familiar face. Her voice brought a lump to his throat ‘cause of the bell it rang in his memory. It had comforted him almost everyday at work. Next came her hug once he was inside her flat and that helped a lot more. God, did that help. Shit.

Benjy closed his eyes and let himself enjoy the heaven of her touch. This was something he’d forever appreciated about Emmeline —- how easily she wrapped herself around him, made him feel like he was something real special. Benjy brought his arms up around her slowly, afraid she might break if he moved too fast or pressed too hard. “Missed you.” He said quietly, maybe even a little awkwardly.

"M’sorry," He murmured against her hair, "Know it’s late but.." he trailed off because the way her arms felt around him made him think maybe, for once, he didn’t need to explain himself.

He pulled in a sharp breath and that was when he forced himself to smile, to even laugh a little. It was somewhat forced, but he felt like he had to do it. Whether it be due to habit or nerves or the physical bliss of Emmeline’s body heat against his own, Benjy knew he had a reason to smile. He pulled away, studied her for a moment and said, “S’good to see you, wow. You look… great.” Unlike himself.

Benjy was a hot mess, eyes a little bloodshot from the combination of a long day at work and his recent stress attack. He cleared his throat, “I know, I probably woke you up. Sorry.” Before really thinking it through, he moved in for another hug because it was too good to see her. He was more selfish about it this time, less concerned about breaking her and more focused on holding her close. She’d been the only one to ever really hug him anyhow, and right now physical contact was soothing every nerve in his body.


That seat is empty so by all means, go ahead.


Don’t mind if I do, Marls. How long’ve you been here?


Benjy Fenwick and Caradoc Dearborn, 6th year.

Benjy Fenwick and Caradoc Dearborn, 6th year.


That’s what she said.


… Nailed it, good one, mate!


I can’t believe I actually just said that.

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There’s something beautiful and tragic in the fallout

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Love Stinks || Amelia & Benjy


Amelia nodded, believing Benjy more than she had believed Caradoc - he had no reason to lie to her about it, she hadn’t just humiliated him. She took a deep breath and began scolding herself mentally. Enough of the pity party, Amelia Bones. You  don’t want to be the girl who needs a guy to make her feel like she’s worth something. That is not now, nor will it ever be you. So grow up and get over yourself.

A look of confusion crossed her face as Benjy claimed being off limits made her more desirable. He was teasing, obviously. “I don’t think that’s how it works,” she replied shaking her head and offering a small smile. 


Her blush returned as Benjy finally understood the depth of her stupidity. “Five years,” she confirmed, “Ed and Caradoc came to the house the summer after my thirteenth birthday and he was just so nice to me… He invited me to go play quidditch with them before Edgar could and he made me feel like I wasn’t the tag along little sister; like he actually wanted me there. It sounds dumb but it made an impression and I guess I’ve held onto it for a long time.” She shrugged her shoulders and lifted her chin, finally reaching back across the table to squeeze Benjy’s hand. “You’ve already helped just by letting me whinge to you.” 

Kinda hurt seeing the flicker of sadness across her features. Benjy had to actually remind himself that he was on Caradoc’s side with this ordeal. He needed to talk to his mate about it. Still, Amelia was clearly in pain enough to share her feelings with Benjy. Something Car had yet to do.

"Sure it is." He replied, a little too politely for the context of their conversation without really thinking about it. "Forbidden fruit type deal. Deep down, people always want what they can’t have, Amelia.”

See you around...

He listened patiently as Amelia explained the roots of her crush on Caradoc… and yeah, that definitely sounded like Caradoc. Huh. That little rascal. Benjy briefly wondered how many other girls Caradoc may have secretly and obliviously seduced along the way.

After she finished speaking Benjy grinned at her and despite nodding to show his agreement, he said, “I don’t think it’s dumb. Car’s a real good guy. At least you’ve got good taste…” Wait, that probably wasn’t helping with the whole rejection thing. Benjy cleared his throat and added, “But between you and I, I think you deserve someone a little less dorky.”

Benjy grinned a little wider when Amelia touched him. Any time of physical embrace never failed to lift his spirits, he didn’t experience it enough and he enjoyed it more than he’d ever admit out loud. “What can I say? I love to be whinged at.” He shrugged and laughed a little, thoughtlessly saying out loud, “Anytime. Seriously. Makes me feel a little less useless.”

Less useless? Shit. Maybe she wouldn’t catch that bit.


Harsh. Care to lecture me then?


Oh c’mon. You don’t need a lecture. Just smell it before you put it in your mouth.


Benjy & Emmeline || Tragic in the Fallout


It wasn’t often that Benjy allowed this to happen —- this was embarrassing. He shouldn’t be upset, he shouldn’t let his thoughts get to him. He rarely ever focused on his fears and sadness (knew it wasn’t worth it), but even he had a breaking point.

He’d just gotten off of work, gone home and fed Bones when the panic attack hit him. Caradoc was a rare presence in his life, someone he was beginning to understand less and less as the days passed and it killed him. Maybe it was the talk with Amelia that had really triggered Benjy. Hearing that his best friend thought he wasn’t good enough. Well, that had stuck with Benjy.

Emmeline had taken off without warning, being called with a few others off on duty for the Order, and Benjy hadn’t even had a chance to say goodbye to her. So to hear that she was back unexpectedly early was a relief. He’d been planning on visiting her soon and was hoping for it to be a happy occasion. However, that night after work, he simply needed someone to talk to.

He’d washed his face and thrown on a jacket before heading over to Emmeline’s place. He showed up with empty hands and tears in his eyes when he knocked on her familiar door. It was late. He hoped she was still awake.

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